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What is a PropertyFax Report?

It's your first step in protecting yourself against costly hidden or non-disclosed problems!

A PropertyFax Report is an independent source of information about insurance losses for your home over the past 5 years. The information contained in a PropertyFax report could be vital when selling your home by ensuring potential buyers that there are no hidden problems... things like fire, flood and mold damage.


Property Fax Report

PropertyFax Report $29.95

This report contains a 5 year history of information provided by insurance companies in regards to fire, flooding or other damages. buy this report now
Property Details

Property Details $7.95

This report provides detailed information about a specific address buy this report now
Neighborhood Comps

Neighborhood Comps $9.95

This report provides you with a comparison of other homes similar to yours and what they have been appraised or sold for. buy this report now
Get all 3 Reports for $39.95

Get all 3 Reports for $39.95

Selling Power! Take advantage of all that we have to offer. Get all three reports for one low price. buy this report now