Frequently Asked Questions

What is PropertyFax Report

A PropertyFax helps prospective home buyers, real estate agents and investors make informative decisions regarding these potential investments by providing a PropertyFax Report. The report that you are purchasing contains a 5 year history of information provided by insurance companies.

What information is included in a PropertyFax Report?

The report contains claim information provided by insurance companies. It includes claim information such as date of loss, type of loss and amounts paid and a description of property covered.

Is there any other information besides loss history on a PropertyFax Report?

Only loss history information is contained on a Property Fax Report. No other sources of data, credit reports, criminal reports, civil lawsuits, legal judgments are incorporated into a PropertyFax Report.

How long are losses reported on a PropertyFax Report?

The database contains up to 5 years of personal property claims history.

Who contributes to the PropertyFax Report?

Only insurance companies that subscribe can submit loss data. Some companies choose not to subscribe, therefore, losses filed with non-participating companies will not appear on a PropertyFax Report. However, the vast majority, 97 percent, of insurance companies do currently participate in the program.